The Bulls Head Inn Ewhurst - October 2021 Update

Soooo… what’s going on?

As some of you are aware, we’ve been busy building a basement and cellar – Why? I hear you ask (actually that was the exact question co-owner Christine asked). We realised during the design phase there was inadequate storage in the pub. We could have built further out, encroaching into the car park which we considered far from optimal (and was subsequently reenforced from Surrey Highways who had concerns on the reduction of parking due to the 5 house development next door). It was therefore “discussions” with planning or build down – we chose down!

After twenty-nine 30 ton muck away lorries and ten concrete lorries – we now have a basement:

Building something of this magnitude during one of the wettest summers in UK recorded history - and during the most difficult building supply chain period the industry has seen in recent years has been challenging.

The good news is we are now at ground plate level and have started fitting the beam and block floor; from there we hope to be at ridge height within the following few weeks.

These two pictures give you an idea of the space we now have in the cellar (some 52sq/m).


Sixteen tons of steel later, we‘ve finished the structural work on the ground floor. Unlike the original builders of 1908 who did an exceptional job, the pub was quite significantly and poorly modified in the 60’s (judging by the décor) and the structural work was quite appalling. We had to remediate this too, and while doing so, took the opportunity to clean up the interior to make a much larger useable space.

The two pictures above, the first from the extreme left-hand side of the pub and the other from the foot of the stairs, shows what we need to achieve. To the left is where we will rebuild the fireplace with something more befitting of our Edwardian building. The ground to first floor part of the staircase has been removed, to be re-sited in the new extension at the rear, forming a new hotel reception area. We’re delighted to say that the original spindles are still present, encased within hardboard for the last 60 years.

We have agreed on the bar design, and though this is not quite finalised, it is indicative of the bar outlines:

Upper floors

The team have been busy on the 1st and 2nd floors, renewing all the flooring. We also had to remove all traces of original 1908 thermal insulating mat, made of bone dry shredded paper sandwiched between waxed paper. A real fire hazard. Though at the time we didn’t thank the building control officer, it was clearly the right thing to do. We had to lift every floorboard.

The new flooring is high density fire resistant constructional ply, so if anyone wants genuine Edwardian floorboards for their own use – let us know!

We have made some significant changes on the 2nd floor and are creating a rather super suite, the details of which we’ll leave to another time. We’re very proud to say that once open, The Bulls Head will have 7 ensuite lettings rooms.

Here you can get some ideas of what’s happening on the 1st floor. The top left picture is looking into the new ensuites for the two front rooms that overlook the green; the top right is looking down the new corridor and the bottom picture is from the far end of bedroom 4 and the fireplace that is to be refurbished and put back in bedroom 3.

Over the next couple of weeks all the partitioning of the 1st and 2nd floors will be completed, ready to receive first fix plumbing, air-conditioning and electrics.

Windows & Paint

We’re sure you will have noticed the incremental move from... well, beige/ coffee cream, to white. The new windows are now in, they look fabulous, and unlike the original windows – they open! Removing the windows has unfortunately revealed some horrors, so there is now more remediation work around the window openings to be done.


We are in the process of designing the landscaping for the areas around the pub. We are intending to remove the existing hedging at the front and replace it with something. Creative ideas welcome.

The Big Question

And one we do not really have a clear answer for “When is the opening?". Our internal working date of opening in November for Christmas was sadly untenable. Some of this was due to supply problems, some due to unforeseen delays, labour, and some down to the owner’s over optimistic ambition of trying to do all this in 2021!

Our current working plan is mid-February. It is of course disappointing to the team, especially as we had originally planned to be open now, but also because we know many of you have been looking forward to a Christmas day pint with us. The current schedule shows that we won’t have toilets. It is somewhat unreasonable for you to use the hedge – especially if we’ve removed it!

Phil and Kindall, the excited new proprietors, will be sharing details with you over the course of the following months on what to expect when the Bulls Head Inn does open. Please ensure you have a good look at our gorgeous new website, and also our Facebook Page:

We look very much forward to welcoming you. Cheers!

Interested in joining The Bulls Head Inn team in 2022? Check out our Careers page.