The Bulls Head Inn Ewhurst - March 2021 Update

Sisyphus comes to mind. Blithely, and apparently naively, hoping for a July 2021 opening, the endurance rehab is coming to a denouement. The new windows are in, as are the electrics, aircon, floors and ceilings. The ensuite facilities are fully tiled and sanitaryware ready to be installed, the python conduits for the draft beer is in place, the kitchen roof and cladding is done and… well, we’d have to post every day to keep you updated on the progress. In addition to the construction team, the BHI 4 -Stuart, Christine, Phil and Kindall - are soldiering away: Paint stripping, wallpapering, pulling wires, completing the first headboard panelling, buying lighting, lining up high quality suppliers, hiring staff, setting up the cellar, chasing away a thief to the point of injury; all sorts. Okay, the jackpot question: when? Yup. Current projection for our soft opening is the (very) end of March/ early April. I know. Groan. Recently a ‘denizen’ of Ewhurst’s social scene told us he’d been waiting so long for the Bulls Head Inn to open. We felt his pain and have done for many months now – and – we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re putting together our in-house team. We’ve received a number of applications for housekeeping, servers, chefs and more. We welcome all interested parties and all will be considered. If you have experience, even better. We will be as warm and welcoming to our team as we will be to our guests. The Bulls Head Inn will be a cheerful, entertaining and delicious place to be. We are looking forward to holding monthly, Monday night quizzes in the balloon room. In the… Say whaaat? Just you wait and see (said grinning ear-to-ear). A brief history: Stuart and Chrissie took possession of the Bulls Head Inn in January 2021. In February, the four of us (plus Derek) began removing decades of kluged ‘upgrades’. Stuart and Chris were regularly in and out of the building; sleuthing where old wiring and plumbing went - and - carefully removing the lot. This led to a few splashes on the way; funny to hear about but annoying as, uh… heck. (And breathe). The contractors began work at the beginning of March with a skeleton crew. Labour was difficult to find due to COVID and factors inhibiting labour sourcing. Building materials began drying up, followed by rapid increases in price: cement, wood - the basics. Lead times for deliveries that should have taken a few days to a few weeks stretched into months: doors, wood flooring, air-conditioning units, kitchen equipment, dining chairs… progress was sluggish. There went July. By September, the construction team was filled out and, with a new site manager on board, things really started moving. We hoped for November (no), then December (no). New target: Valentine’s Day. Yet again, no. A powwow was called. An opening date for the end of March/beginning of April was agreed. Miracle of miracles, we appear still to be on track for that. Woo-hoo! And as they say, ‘Don’t touch that dial.’


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